Beverage cartons are carbon neutral paper-based packaging solutions contributing to climate change mitigation, and are effectively collected and recycled worldwide.


GRACE brings together producers of beverage cartons, liquid paperboard and similar paper-based packaging at a global level to promote their products’ assets and to ensure effective collection and recycling worldwide.


Promote the environmental benefits of beverage cartons and similar paper-based packaging, advocates for an effective public policy framework and supports measures to significantly increase their collection and recycling globally.

About Us

On 4 October 2019, the CEOs of ACE’s member companies formally established the Global Recycling Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (GRACE) to support the industry in its drive to ensure that beverage cartons, a carbon neutral paper-based packaging solution contributing to climate change mitigation, are effectively collected and recycled worldwide.


Preparing your beverage carton for recycling: GRACE’s guide for best practices

This document has been developed to provide best practices for GRACE partners and local carton associations about the necessary steps to be taken when preparing cartons for recycling.


The founding partners of GRACE are: